Fall design trends: animal prints add a powerful punch to any space

This fun print is sure to punch up any space. One of my favorite ways to add interest to an interior is by incorporating a fun pattern.

What pattern is more fun than an animal print? Animal prints convey a sense of allure and intrigue.  They are a great way to add texture to a space. There are dozens of patterns to pick from such as faux crocodile skin, snake skin, zebra print, cheetah print, etc.

What can be challenging about designing a space with an animal print is the way it is incorporated into the room.

Always remember; less is more.

The key to designing with these prints is to use them in a subtle way. Pillows, ottomans, trims, and area rugs are a great place for these prints.

If you’ve upholstered a piece in an animal print and the rest of the room feels unbalanced, try toning down the print by adding different textures of the same color. This will create balance and take away the boldness of that black and white zebra pattern.