With endless amounts of hues to select from, decorating with plants and flowers is a great way to add beauty and elegance to any room in your home. Even a room full of neutrals can be spruced up with an eclectic array of flora.

A floral arrangement is the most stunning accessory one can have in their home and knowing how to make the most of indoor plants and flowers can be a cost effect way to make a dramatic statement or bring a sense of serenity to your room.

My go-to flower when I am designing a room is a blossoming bouquet of white hydrangeas. That is just a personal preference of mine; the sight of hydrangeas brings to mind fond memories of summer time on Long Island.

When selecting a flower that is best for your home start with color, ask yourself “What color compliments the fabric selection in my Livingroom?” Or “What color is going to spruce up that corner of my bedroom?”

The other thing to consider when you have a room void of personality; is a large plant. A banana leaf tree or oversized palm can bring color, life, and personality into any room. Incorporating plants into one’s home does not only add life to a space, it can also have positive effects on one’s body.

Green plants affect air quality by filtering out harmful toxins in the air. There are plenty of plants to choose from such as fica trees, green ivy, and bamboo – – just be sure to give your plant the proper amount of sunlight and water. Remember these tips when adding the finishing touches to your newly decorated space.

Happy designing!