I love adding candles to my interiors. Not only do they create a mood; but the scent they emit evokes a feeling. Aromatherapy has a huge effect on the way we think, feel and behave.

Candles simultaneously delight three of our senses. They tantalize our sight with their soft, flickering light. Fragranced candles heat the aromatics embedded within their wax and disperse the aroma throughout a room. They also generate heat and provide warmth to the skin. Here are specific scents I like to pair with different rooms in the house.

A living room should have a light and airy scent. Something inviting like that of a rose blossoming in the spring time.

A bathroom is a great place for a clean smelling candle such as a fine linen or cotton scent. Even using a lavender candle near a tub can create quite the relaxing space, as well as lull you to sleep.

And lastly bedrooms. A bedroom scent should omit a certain sexiness – A light intriguing scent such as eucalyptus or amber.