With our new normal, does working from home scare you?

It shouldn’t but the number one thing you must have is a quiet dedicated space where you can close the door.  That’s non- negotiable.  So now you have your space, what’s next?

How many people will be working in your home office?  Just you? A spouse? An employee? If it’s more than one, figure out the placement of the desks so that you’re not tripping over each other.

Here’s a picture of a his and hers office that I designed.  They both had different needs and styles so I think we were able to create a workable space that is not only functional but looks great too.His and Hers Office Design Work From Home

Some other things you need to consider— Will you be using your wireless lap top or will it be a desktop?  If it’s a desktop, how can you hide those unsightly wires?  Will you need file drawers?  How large do they need to be?  Do you need a printer?  Where will that go and where will you store your paper?  What about other supplies like envelopes, paper clips, pens, etc?  I like a dedicated space for those items.

Office Designer Long Island NYWill you need a bulletin board? Wall calendar?  How important are shelves?  So many things to think about, right?  But I’m telling you before you decide to run out and buy a desk, really sit down and ask yourself how do I need this room to work for me to function at maximum capacity?

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