Renovation doesn’t always mean you have to gut your entire house and start from square one.

Try these design tips to take your space from drab to fab.

Design Tip #1
Repurpose old pieces tucked away in your basement and give them a new life. Whether it’s your grandmother’s china cabinet, your aunt’s favorite chair or your mother’s old fixture. Why not incorporate these meaningful items into your new design.

Design Tip #2
Maybe your aunt’s favorite chair needs a new ikat fabric to make it look current or your mother’s old yellow fixture needs a different paint color to give it new life. When freshening up your home, look around your house for any thing you can reuse. I’m always amazed when someone invites me into their basement and I feel like I’ve uncovered their treasure.

Design Tip #3
I myself had an old wicker chair that my husband threw out. I put it in my guest bedroom, made a new cushion for it and it looks like it belongs there. I can’t believe that I had to drag this out of a dumpster.

Design Tip #4
If your bedroom looks old and tired and you want to run out and buy a new bed, night tables and media console but you can’t afford it right now. Some beautiful bedding would freshen up your room for a fraction of the cost.

Design Tip #5
Add pretty lamps and viola, you have a fresh look. Design doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. Sometimes you just need a new perspective on an old piece/room.