I know you are asking yourself should I decorate with wallpaper and I say yes, yes and yes.

A gorgeous wallpaper could be the focal point of any room or could help highlight a wonderful art collection. It is common to be so indecisive that you choose to leave your walls bare, but I challenge you to infuse personality into to your space.

Wallpaper can be the bold statement in the room or a soft backdrop to a beautifully designed space. The key to finding the right one is patience and finding what not only speaks to you but also speaks to the room. First decide what room you are ready to decorate.

While you are on the search for the right wallpaper, remember to stay true to what you love. There are tons of trends, but you are looking for a design that you will love five years from now. To prevent costly mistakes, order a few samples or even purchase the roll and hang up all wallpaper options in the room. Evaluate your wallpaper in the room your considering during the day and at night. This process will help you eliminate the ones that aren’t making the cut.

During the process of elimination, make sure the wallpaper is working with all the elements in the room tile, furniture, drapery etc. You always want to make sure that there is a good flow between all the design elements.

I realize wallpaper isn’t for everyone, but only for the brave at heart. Inch your way into designing with wallpaper and start with a small powder room. A small powder room can handle strong wallpaper. If you have wainscoting or library panels, paper above it. It will not overpower the room. Once you paper one room, you will be surprised at your enthusiasm to paper the other rooms. So what are you waiting for?

One of my favorite rooms at the Kips Bay Designer Show House was designed by Kathryn Ireland. I loved the fact that Kathryn stayed true to her English heritage by using English inspired wallpaper to highlight this gorgeous piece of art.