With summer coming to an end, people’s attention are turning back to sprucing up their indoor space. One way to freshen up your home is by picking a new paint color.

Choosing the right paint color can be a challenging task. You have to decide what you are trying to convey, a bedroom filled with a calming ambiance or a room where all your sense come alive. For example, a dining room painted in a bright color is stimulating and that would be great if you host a lot of dinner parties and love to have lively conversations. Only you can decide the tone you are trying to to set in the room.

If you are redoing a bedroom, I always suggest looking at pictures of bedrooms in different colors and ask yourself “How does that make me feel?” It is easy to love a picture in a a magazine but can you live with that color for the next 10 years?

Paint Color Process

I start by getting two paint memos of my color options. I tape those paint memos on different walls so that I can view them during the day and night. Anything that doesn’t make the cut, gets eliminated immediately.

I look at them over the course of the next few days and when I whittle it down to the top 2 or 3, I start the elimination process again. At this point, I tell my clients to purchase a piece of oak tag. Paint it the shade they are considering and move it around the room.

Spending $50 on paint samples will help to avoid making a costly mistake. Even I’ve been known to have 10 shades of cream hanging on a wall. It’s not easy but finding that perfect shade is just bliss.

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