Are you someone who entertains a lot? Do you need to perk up a space?

A bar cart is the perfect way to bring that empty space to life. As someone who entertains a lot, I can tell you they are a big help. Who doesn’t need that little bit of extra space to display their liquor and fine glassware in the most elegant way?

Bar carts are available in many different finishes: metal, glass, rattan -you name it. They can also come in the most vibrant, fun colors. They allow you to add a big pop of color in a small way. Have some fun selecting one -but after you find one, you need to make sure that it’s accessorized perfectly. I always love crystal decanter, a small vase of flowers, beautiful glassware, and colorful pops of sliced lemon and limes. It’s always about pops of color for me. Now you have taken an empty corner and breathed new life into it. Bottoms up!

Happy designing.


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