I have an interesting project that I’ve been working on and it’s for an older woman. I am excited to be working for her because she hasn’t had the best of luck and is well deserving of a fresh start. Three years ago, she lived in Florida, when she encountered some health issues and experienced two burglaries.

Her family said enough and moved her back to New York. She lived in a independence residence for two years, while her family looked for condos, houses and rentals. My client found a one bedroom condo and although she may be hesitant about the transition; her family feels confident that it is the right move for her.

I am glad to be the designer to help her renovate her condo and give her a fresh start to a new chapter. Take a look at our progress below and follow us on the journey.

Bathroom renovation before.

condo reno before (1) condo reno before

Bathroom renovation in action.

condo reno before (4) condo reno before (2)

Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

condo reno before (3)