The Stony Brookside Bed & Bike Inn

The direction that we were given by the client on this master bedroom and office suite was to focus on organic and textural materials. While in the middle of the project, she informed us that she was leaving her job to convert this historic house into New York’s first Bed & Bike Inn. We were delighted to be involved in making her dream come true and to have the home office featured in Newsday.

Working with Jody has been above and beyond my expectations. I presented her with a challenging design project that she embraced and supported with interesting and beautiful solutions. I hired Jody to help me with decorating our master bedroom suite with combined workspace. After much discussion in order for her to understand our design goals, she supplied amazing choices and support, assisting us through the redesign process. Jody is always upbeat, dedicated and attentive to her clients. She will ensure that your design goals are met to your taste and to your budget. She will always ensure you are satisfied with suggested selections. She has many resources to draw on and makes a challenging process a pleasure to pursue. I am so happy with how the process has proceeded that we will be starting to decorate another space in our home with Jody soon. I highly recommend her and the suppliers she works with.

Elyse BuchmanStony Brookside Bed & Bike Inn