Simply stated, our clients love being surrounded by beauty and crave that sense of peace and casual elegance in their own homes.

When you redesign your home, you feel better, live better, and experience more joy in everyday moments.

Our clients value their time at home and understand that creating a home they love will require a level of expertise and resources they do not have. They need a designer they can trust to help them realize their vision of comfort and beauty while honoring their budget and the functional needs of their family and lifestyle.

Jody Sokol Design offers the highest level of expertise while creating a design that will not only function better for you and your family but you will fall in love with every time you walk through your front door.

Jody Sokol Long Island Interior Designer
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If you’re ready to transform the way you feel about your home when you open your front door, you have come to the right place. Jody Sokol Design offers full design services, as well as Design Days and individual services tailored to your needs.

Full Service, White Glove Interior Design

Full design is right for busy people who lack time, interest or resources to create a WOW home and  are committed to making the investment by letting a professional handle all the details. Our goal is to create a full turn key experience from start to finish. Your job is to make timely decisions on space plans and design elements. Window treatments, wallpaper, rug & furniture installations are supervised by us. You don’t even need to be home during the installation. Every full design job starts with a 90 minute design assessment. Multiple rooms or a whole house project requires a 2 hour design assessment. This time is used to discuss your project and develop a scope of work. Once we have a scope of work, we can determine the design fee. The design fee is based on how many hours it will take to get you from design concept to completion for your home. All items are selected from a list of high quality vetted resources. Rooms begin at $25,000 excluding fees, taxes and shipping.

Our Services include:

  • Design Meeting
  • Design Concept
  • Space Plans
  • Sourcing & Selecting furniture, fabric, paint colors, lights, wallpaper and rugs.
  • Ordering cuttings for approval to avoid mistakes
  • Ordering merchandise
  • Tracking merchandise
  • Coordinating tradespeople
  • Arranging delivery
  • Installing merchandise
  • Inspecting merchandising
  • Resolving problems

The investment for a Full-Service, White Glove Interior Design consists of a flat design fee, which is based on the size and type of room(s), plus a furnishings budget. Contact Jody today to schedule a time to discuss your project needs.

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Space Plan

This plan is perfect for someone who can and wants to shop themselves but wants to know the right size furniture to buy for their home. (Up to 400 sq ft)

  • The 1st 30 Minute Meeting – Discuss how you want the room to function for you. Measurements & pictures are taken.
  • The 2nd 30 Minute Meeting – Present final space plan (up to 10 design elements).
  • Shopping Services are available for clients wanting additional help.

90-Minute Design Consultation

This service is right for you if you have the following concerns: overwhelmed, confused, and don’t know where to start; not sure how to prioritize your project; not sure what furniture to discard and what to buy; want an expert eye to review materials with you, such as tile, backsplash, countertops, and cabinetry; or have any of the following concerns:

  • Paint & Color Selections
  • Window treatment Options
  • Furniture placement
  • Review of materials: granite, tile, backsplash, cabinets
  • Swapping out accessories
  • Online shopping
  • Decluttering spaces for moving
  • Reviewing design items in your home such as wallpaper books, wood stain samples, etc

Contact Jody to schedule a time to discuss your home* Additional travel fees may apply for over 30 minutes. 

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Meet Jody

“Our design changes the way you feel. You feel better, you live better and experience more joy in everyday moments.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?
Choosing the right designer is an important first step in the design process. The first step is to arrange a no-obligation consultation call with Jody to talk about your home and design needs. This is a chance to ask any questions you have about the design process and for Jody to get to know more about you, your lifestyle, design preferences and desired outcome and confirm if we are a good fit for your project.

Is there a consultation fee?
Our initial phone consultation is absolutely free of charge and is a chance to confirm if we are a good fit for your project. Our first meeting called a Design Assessment. It helps us determine the scope of your project. It’s a 90-minute working appointment to assess exactly what your thoughts, needs, and visions are for the space.

We’ll discuss things like how does this room need to function for you and your family? Do you have any children that might influence the decor or possibly any pets to take into consideration? Are there any special needs that we need to know about? Will you be incorporating some of your existing furniture or will everything be new? By the time our meeting is done, we will have a pretty good idea of what you want. The fee for this appointment is $375 plus tax due at time of service.

What will your full-services cost?
Jody Sokol Design is a full-service boutique design firm. We handle every aspect of the project from initial design concept through to completion including selecting, sourcing and purchasing product, contractor coordination and installation. We charge a flat fee which is an assessment of the time and resources required to complete your project in conjunction with a furnishings budget. Following the design assessment, we will present you with our contract outlining the scope of work and our fees.


I never used a decorator before. I found Jody online while researching decorators in Suffolk County. I LOVE my new living room. The window treatments are a "WOW". I never thought Jody could design a room around a red, white and green sofa. My living room looks like something out of a magazine. Thanks Jody!

Elizabeth H.Centerport

I was happy to have found Jody as she did my living room/dining room area in the most beautiful pastel shades with great accessories, including the window treatments, pillows, etc. Whenever anyone comes into the house, they comment on how beautiful it looks. She understood exactly what I was looking for and I would be happy to recommend Jody to anyone looking for a Long Island interior decorator.

Melinda H.Bay Shore

I had a list of interior designers in Suffolk County. Jody fit my needs and it was a pleasure to work with her. I love my bedroom! It feels so grown up and sophisticated. I looked for months trying to find a Northport interior decorator, Jody I'm so happy I found you.

Melissa R.Northport