We receive calls from clients that have the main things in their room!! It’s missing those special touches aka as accessories that make a house feel like a home such as art, plants, flowers, lamps, bowls, boxes, books, etc. Let’s be honest, who wants to spend hours buying and returning accessories hoping it’s going to look good.

Who is this service right for?

This service is right for the client who needs accessories to complete their space or is too busy, lacks interest, feels overwhelmed and doesn’t want to spend hours buying and returning merchandise.

What to expect

We’ll meet up to 90 minutes to discuss items needed to complete your space as well as the budget. We begin shopping after the accessory retainer is taken. The accessories are from a variety of retail shops. When we have curated the right selection for your space, an installation date is scheduled.
We allow 2-3 hours to accessorize a room and additional time is needed to pack up returns after merchandise has been reviewed. Items will be tallied .
and final payment is due. Your space is complete and ready for company without you doing any heavy lifting.

As I always say, “Details Make the Difference.”